From the moment you arrive, you will be spoiled sweet by the friendly staff, gorgeous views, delicious dining options and the incredibly spacious suites. This was our second time visiting Marival Residences, but for our family, it was their first. Matthew and I found so much joy in watching their faces light up as they discovered just how special this resort truly is.


The day of our wedding was what every bride and groom should experience – STRESS FREE! The men got an early start and hit the golf course by 8:30am…as for us ladies, we got our beauty rest and sipped on coffee from the comfort of our balcony!


While the boys were having their fun in the sun; the ladies and I went to the spa for a mani- pedi that included a relaxing foot and leg massage and an aroma therapy exfoliating scrub. After we were polished pink and relaxed as could be; I chose to have an up-do done by the hair stylist at the resort. She was able to recreate a picture that I brought along with me, and continually asked me during the process if I was happy with how she was pinning my hair back.


That morning and afternoon flew by; before I knew it, it was time to put my dress and walk down the aisle! I hadn’t seen any of the fear was that they were still at the golf course. I gave my father "the eye” the night before and said, "You are the official time keeper…you have a big job to do tomorrow” – surely they were back-right?!  Moments later the photographer came in and said that he had just finished taking pictures with Matthew on the beach – whew – they made it back!


It was time, the real deal, in a matter of moments my dad would be walking me down the aisle to Train’s "Marry Me” with my soon to be husband beaming with joy, love and honor looking back at me. I felt like I was in a real life movie - just enough of breeze to stay cool, sounds of waves mixed with our wedding song playing in the background, tiki torches lining the sand leading to a floral alter and the man of my dreams waiting to call me his wife.


The ceremony lasted 10-15 minutes. Carlos, who is the Chief Concierge, performed our ceremony. We asked him to marry us, after a wonderful story he told us on our previous visit. Our ceremony consisted of meaningful scripture, personal stories and even a few giggles.




So, would I recommend a weddingmoon at Marival to my best friend – you bet! I wouldn’t have done it any other way. Looking back, our wedding was more than I ever expected…not only because of the location, but because of the resort, staff and family members that made it a dream come true.


Remember that story I referred to a moment ago…want to know what Carlos said to us on our first visit? After Matthew and I returned from the boardwalk, he stopped us. Carlos said, "Did you walk the entire length of the boardwalk?” "Yes”, we responded. "Were you holding hands the entire time?” he asked.  He went on to say, "You know, it’s the legend of Puerto Vallarta, that if you walk hand in hand with your loved one along the entire length of the boardwalk, that you are meant to be together forever and one day you will return”. 


He was right – the legend of Puerto Vallarta continues!