First Birthdays are better in Mexico...just ask the Comfort ~ Martinez family!





A message from Grandma Mimi


I loved the fact that Generations is right next to El Dorado Royale and Casitas, it gave us so many options for restaurants. I have never experienced using a butler before and honestly had no idea what they did but now I am forever spoiled. I wish I could bring Israel home with us!!!


The multi bedroom units makes it absolutely perfect for multi generation family groups, everyone has their own space and privacy yet we were all together!



Mom's Thoughts


Generations Riviera Maya is the perfect vacation for a family with young kids who wants to be able to both play and relax.  My kids are 3.5 and 1 years old.  The all-suite, all-butler room setup was exactly what we needed to be able to really relax and enjoy the vacation.  The kids club had a nursing room for my daughter and a train set for my son. 

I was blown away by the service we received- from the gifts for my kids (personalized bath robes with their names on the robes!) to the butler Israel's thoughtful coordination of every detail of my daughter's 1st birthday cake to the administrative staff's impeccable planning of our professional family photo shoot on the beach.  It all went perfect, no detail overlooked.  It's no wonder that Generations Riviera Maya is one of the highest-ranked all-inclusive resorts in all of Mexico!

-Andrea Martinez



Mark says a butler is the way to go!
AKA Poppa Mark

Just a note to grandparents and parents that Generations Resort in the Riviera Maya area is perfect for families, especially multi generational families. Having 16 hours of butler service and connecting rooms is the best way to vacation as a family.

Mimi and I just did this with our entire family of 7 . Wow was that a relaxing and memorable vacation. With their kids program open til 11pm, the adults had dinner every evening at a restaurant. We had room service for breakfast each morning in the huge one bedroom suite for all of us at an 8 person dining table..
The smallest rooms are 1,000 square feet.