Our 30 Year Anniversary in Business... 
is similar to watching your kids grow.  Where does the time go?  
One day you have a baby and it seems like the next day your child is a 30 year old adult.



On June 6, 1988, we cruised on the SS Norway with a sports theme with our close friends, Donna and Steve Young, and Kit and Mike Mair. We had the time of our lives and we determined that this was the business we should embark on! With Mimi's background in retail from working at the Jones Store, and Mark's background on the wholesale side, working for Armstrong Carpet and Sealy Mattress, we felt that those two complimentary skill sets would help us succeed. We loved the fact that the cruise lines held all of the inventory and that their wasn't the issue of trying to collect payments from clients.  We thought this would be a wonderful small business for us to eventually run together.  We opened our doors on November 14, 1988 with a location of about 600 square feet in an office building in Gladstone, MO.  We were blessed to have Jackie Harrison join our team early on who helped us grow our business. Mark joined Cruise Holidays in 1991 full time and we then moved into our current location in December of 1995. In 1996 we decided to open a full service agency Comfort Tours and Travel, to serve the needs of our clients that wanted to take a land vacation.   

We've weathered many storms throughout our career from September 11  to the economy faltering in 2008-2010 but the perseverance of our team and God's grace we not only survived but flourished.  

As owners of Cruise Holidays and Comfort Tours, Mimi and I sincerely want to thank you for your business and your referrals.  You, our valued clients, are the reason we are in business.  We always believed, and have never changed our belief that THE CUSTOMER (YOU) ARE KING & QUEEN!

What a joy it is to help you plan your dream vacations.  Our mission statement says “WE CREATE MEMORIES THAT LAST A LIFETIME.”  We all live daily with this mission and are honored that you have selected us to help you with your vacation planning.

Mimi and I are also like proud parents, we are so very proud of our incredible staff.  We believe that we have the most knowledgeable, caring, and professional staff in America.  They are trained to help you plan any kind of vacation that you might desire including ocean cruises, river cruises, all inclusive vacations and customized land tours worldwide. 

Again, thank you for your business and referrals.  We look to help you create many more memories that last a lifetime.

Mimi & Mark Comfort






Did you know, most travel agencies today are CORPORATE agencies?  They are selling air tickets, hotels, and rental cars for business travelers. Cruise Holidays of Kansas City and Comfort Tours is a LEISURE VACATION TRAVEL AGENCY, specializing in all things vacation: Ocean Cruises, River Cruises, All-inclusive Resorts, and 
Land-based Vacations & Tours. This is very important for you to know as the differences are so important when it comes to your vacation planning. We know the vacation options very well and we focus on the experience.  We take the time to personalize the vacation option that is the best FIT for you. This EXPERTISE, along with our caring attitude is what has been the secret of our success for over 30 years, and it is what takes your vacation experience from good to GREAT! We believe that first-hand experience is one of the most important factors for our staff to be able to help you plan your vacation. Mimi and I send our employees on Ocean & River Cruises as well as to all- inclusive resorts, so we know the differences and what each option specializes in their strengths & weaknesses or positives & negatives.


1. We clarify the confusion. So much research on your own creates confusion
2. We eliminate the stress during the planning period and during the vacation
3. We provide options you may not have thought about
4. We have your back in case a problem arises. 
5. We will save you money or at least if we have the same price we will have an added value
6. Our great customer service based on first hand experience
7. You will love and trust our amazing staff
8. Our staff works as a team, someone is always available to help!

Being affiliated with Travel Leaders, the World’s Largest Vacation Conglomerate with over $23 BILLION IN BUYING POWER, means we will almost always have a benefit for you 
by booking your vacation with us.

Here are some interesting facts about our first-hand knowledge and experience of our staff; which should give you confidence in what our staff can offer in helping you plan your vacations:

• 379 total years in the travel/vacation industry
• 14+ years per staff member average
• Over 300 Ocean Cruises experienced on almost every ocean cruise line
• Over 60 River Cruises experienced on almost every river cruise line and rivers
• Over 700 All-Inclusive resorts stayed at/visited






M-TH 9-6pm • FRI 9-5pm
Saturday 9-3pm 
SUNDAY By Appointment